H&H Technology Is in Use Worldwide

As a specialist for electronic loads, we supply laboratories and technical development departments all over the world. Our “Quality Made in Germany” is appreciated for the robust construction of our devices, which are designed for longevity.
We attach great importance to fast and smooth support, e.g. for regular calibration every 2 years.

AC/DC Electronic Loads.

ERI Series Regenerative

TRL Series Mobile & Regenerative

PLA Series Low Power

PLI Series High Power

SCL Series High Current

ACL Series 1 or 3-Phase

Multi-Channel Loads.

PMLA Series Multi-Channel

  • Input voltage up to 240 V per channel
  • Load current up to 120 A per channel
  • Power up to 1,800 W per device
  • Up to 12 channels in 19″, 2 U
  • Modular conception


QL Series Source-Sink

  • Voltage up to 100 V
  • Current up to 220 A
  • Power up to 3,600 W
  • 2- or 4-quadrant version

Power Distribution

SE Series Central Mains Supply

  • Voltage up to 3 x 400 V
  • Current up to 32 A
  • Various mains configurations
  • Emergency stop function