Signal Sources & Amplifiers

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Signal Sources & Amplifiers

Device Types and Series

RF Signal Generators - Lucid Series

The Lucid RF signal generator Series is geared towards solving applications demanding outstanding dynamic range, fast switching speed, and easy remote programming for seamless system integration, all in a compact module platform. The series was designed to offer industry leading price to perfor- mance ratio, delivering a full product portfolio for generating signals for various applications whether, 5G, radar, communications, and more

Phase Noise (@10kHz): 1GHz: -138 dBc/Hz typ 2GHz: -133 dBc/Hz typ 3GHz: -130 dBc/Hz typ 6GHz: -124 dBC/Hz typ 12GHz: -118 dBC/Hz typ
Modulation: Internal or External: FM, AM, PM, Pulse, Pattern, Sweep, List
Remote Programming: Full IVI (C++, CVI, LabView), Python & MATLAB drivers and Lucid Studio
Product Emulators: Keysight, R&S, quicksyn, Anapico & Holzworth

µW Signal Generators - Lucid-X Series

The new Lucid-X is extends the frequency range of Tabor’s industry leading Lucid series of analog signal generator all the way up to mm-Wave. It offers advanced features and industry leading performance, while maintaining the most compact form factor.

Phase Noise (@10kHz): -155dBc/Hz at 100MHz, -141dBc/Hz at 500MHz, -134dBc/Hz at 1GHz, -116dBc/Hz at 8GHz, -109dBc/Hz at 20GHz, -103dBc/Hz at 40GHz, (-134dBc/Hz at 1GHz – PXIe)
Modulation: Internal or External, AM, FM, PM, Pattern, Sweep & Pulse
Remote Programming: Full IVI (C++, CVI, LabView), Python & MATLAB drivers and Lucid Control Panel
Product Emulators: Keysight, R&S, Guicksyn, Anapico & Holzworth

Arbitrary Waveform Generators - Proteus Series

The new Proteus Arbitrary Waveform Generator is ideal for applications in Quantum Computing, Electronic Warfare, Radar, and next generation commu- nications such as 5G, 6G, Ultrawide Bandwidth (UWB), and WiFi (802.11) 6 and 7. Built on the latest RF DAC and RF ADC technology, the series has sample rates up to 9GS/s and multiple Nyquist zone frequency range capability in excess of 10GHz.
It’s an innovative task oriented programming environment, and user programmable FPGA. When used in combination with its optional RF Digitizer it gives you the ability to change waveforms in real-time – ideal for improving the coherence time of a Qubit, characterizing an RF amplifier, or responding to an EW threat. 

Digitizer (AWT Option): 12bit, 5.4GS/s Single Channel or 2.7GS/s Dual Channel 
Remote Programming: Full IVI (C++, CVI, LabView), Python & MATLAB drivers and Wave Design Studio
Connectivity: 3 x USB HOST, 1 x 1Gbit LAN Std., 2 x 10Gbit Optical/LAN Ports Optional (Desktop & Benchtop), PXIe Gen3 x8 Lanes (PXIe)

Arbitrary Function Generators - Wonder Wave Series

The Wonder Wave Series line of arbitrary waveform generators combines two technologies. While being a true, memory-based arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), with all of the memory management capabilities needed to create complex waveforms, it also implements a Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) enabling many standard modulation types and frequency agility capabilities. Superior and far more versatile the Wonder Wave Series exhibit performance and provide solutions to the most demanding test stimulus challenge

Waveform Type: Standard, Arbitrary, Pulse, Modulated and Sequenced
Display: User Friendly 3.8” color LCD Display
Remote Programming: Full IVI driver (C++, CVI, LabView), MATLAB and ArbConnection

Pulse Pattern Generators

The Pulse Master is a Series of Single and Dual Channel Pulse/Waveform Generators that offers a complete array of pulse, standard, arbitrary, sequenced and modulated waveforms with unmatched performance, even compared to instruments designed to generate fewer types of signals.

PCI/PXI Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Tabor’s PCI/PXI Arbitrary waveform generators are designed to enable a high level of integration, allowing it to implement its unique Arbitrary waveform generation technology in this platform. Being the bench models replica for the WonderWave Arbitrary waveform generator’s series, the PXI and PCI arbitrary waveform generators 5000 series, set new standards of performance. They combine two technologies, making use of the best qualities from each of the types of generators allowing it to create complex waveforms, on one hand, and generating all the standard functions and modulation formats, on the other

Signal / Waveform Amplifiers

Signal amplifiers are used to increase the size of a signal by some factor, in a system where the signal source being used does not provide the required output level. When choosing a waveform amplifier these criteria of the signal amplifier’s performance must be taken into account: Input & Output Imped- ance, Gain, Bandwidth (BW), Slew Rate (SR), Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), and Load.

Tabor’s signal generator amplifiers are designed to operate in conjunction with all of Tabor’s arbitrary waveform generators and RF signal generator series. Combined, these waveform amplifiers deliver a high performance signal generation package, enabling high speed and high-frequency arbitrary generation capabilities with the most sophisticated signal generation, all in a single setup solution

PCI, PXI & Modular Signal Amplifiers

Low power supply rails, a main part of the PXI, cPCI and PCI equipment, are a common cause for an inability to produce high voltage output. Tabor Electronics’ new amplifiers convert the supply rails to higher voltage suitable for signals up to 40Vp-p, thus solving thit problem. The PCI & PXI Signal Amplifiers line operates in conjunction with Tabor’s arbitrary waveform generators providing the ultimate solution for PXI and PCI, high-voltage, wideband applications. Tabor Electronics’s amplifiers produce high voltages by converting the supply rails to voltage suitable for signals up to 180Vp-p

Modular RF Signal Amplifiers

These combined with Tabor’s RF AWG’s or Lucid Signal Generators can provide outrput power of up to 28dBm with a very small footprint, these ultra wideband (20GHz) amplifiers are designed for high frequen- cy, high power signal amplifications They are an ideal amplifier to to compliment any signal source that needs an extended power boost for demanding application. The A10200 RF amplifier was designed to extend the power range of the Tabor arbitrary waveform genera- tors and RF signal generators, yet it is compatible with many signal sources instruments

PXIe Chassis

The PXE6410 is a PXIe based 6 based slot Gen 3 x4 chassis, that supports the Tabor Proteus Family of AWG’s and the TE330x family of PXIe RF amplifi- ers. The system includes an embedded PC with an internal SSD drive, HDMI connection, USB interfaces for a mouse and keyboard, as well as control using USB-C and 1000BASE-T LAN.

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